Naomi Boddy

Pronouns: she/her

Naomi joined Action Tutoring in May 2022 as the Fundraising Coordinator.

In her role, Naomi supports a range of fundraising activities, most predominantly researching new avenues for funding, completing grant applications, carrying out communications and reporting to existing funders.


What I enjoy and value the most about Action Tutoring is the incredibly supportive and caring culture at the heart of how everything is run, both internally and externally. Staff wellbeing is put at the forefront of our objectives with systems in place to support staff, encourage inter-team connections and ensure every team member feels welcomed and valued. Action Tutoring also regularly encourages skills sharing and upskilling, allowing you to build your expertise and explore other departments within the charity which might be of interest to you down the line. The most notable thing, which is most commonly remarked however, is that everybody is just so kind! It sounds like a small thing, but it counts for so very much.

I love the diversity of my role and the opportunity it provides to not only develop and build on valuable written communication skills but also get creative with content and marketing ideas for fundraising campaigns! There’s always an opportunity to learn new skills and put them into practice, which has been invaluable for me and enhanced by the teams around me. Building rapport with funders and engaging with members of the public through fundraising events is also a real plus and a lovely part of the job!