Simrat Mavi

Simrat Mavi is a member of the Senior Leadership Team in the role of the Deputy Headteacher at St-Giles C.E. Primary in the West Midlands.

Having worked in Education for 32 years, she is a passionate advocate for creating an inclusive learning environment with opportunities for all groups of pupils to succeed and flourish from their unique starting point.

Following the Government’s announcement about catch-up funding and the National Tutoring Programme, the school gravitated towards the values and vision of Action Tutoring.  

“Action Tutoring has contributed to making sure our disadvantaged Year 6 pupils are on track to meet expected standards in English and Mathematics. We have seen the difference it has made to improving our pupils’ attainment as well as improving their study skills; they have become more independent in their decision making. They’re motivated and enthusiastic to attend as they buy into it as an opportunity to help them improve as independent thinkers and learners. It has also prepared our Year 6s for transition into Year 7.”