News & Insights 6 December 2021

Why volunteering as a tutor is the best Christmas gift

The holiday season is an excellent opportunity to get involved in volunteering and give your time to help others who are facing challenges or are less fortunate. As December rolls on, the pressure to spend becomes even stronger and makes us forget the true meaning of Christmas. The best way to spread the holiday spirit and joy is to give back to those who need it the most.

That’s why we encourage you to not get worried about what Christmas gifts to buy, but instead spend some time thinking about how rewarding the experience of volunteering is.

Action Tutoring gives you the opportunity to support disadvantaged pupils so they can have a stronger learning foundation and a firm footing for a bright future.

Christmas gift

Even if you’re not based in one of our regions, or you have responsibilities that require you to be at home, you can still get involved as an online tutor.

Here you can find all the information about volunteering with us from the moment you apply until the final step when you get to meet your pupils and start tutoring!

We believe volunteering helps you grow as a person and understand the importance of giving back to the community. Helping us close the attainment gap between disadvantaged young people and their peers is the best Christmas gift you can give, not only to yourself, but also to your community.

Here’s why volunteering with Action Tutoring is an excellent way to strengthen the true spirit of giving during the holiday season:

Volunteering will give you a sense of fulfilment

If you’re feeling down during the festive season perhaps because you’re missing a loved one or are overwhelmed by all of the preparations, volunteering can give you a sense of purpose and help you gain perspective. Studies show it also helps you combat stress, anxiety, depression and anger. It’s an eye-opening experience that reminds us all to appreciate what we have and be more grateful.

Set a good example 

With so many family members present during the holidays, why not serve as a role model for the children (or even the adults) and teach them the importance of giving? This can help your family, particularly the younger members, recognise the benefits of volunteering. Philanthropy, altruism and kindness are taught by example.

Volunteering creates strong relationships

When you help others, you form a special connection with them and with your fellow volunteers, who may be people from outside your social circle; people you would not normally interact with. Volunteering with Action Tutoring is an opportunity to form meaningful connections with like-minded people – what a great gift!

Finally, the holidays can be incredibly tough for families barely making ends meet. Pupils from from lower socio-economic backgrounds may be experiencing stressful or challenging situations at home.

By volunteering as a tutor, you are making sure disadvantaged pupils get the academic support they need in order to secure a better future for themselves and their families.

At Action Tutoring we believe education is the only way to stop the vicious cycle of poverty and financial exclusion. We are committed to giving young people the same opportunities as their peers so that they can have the confidence to follow their dreams and help others do the same.