News & Insights 3 March 2021

Action Tutoring shares its 2019-20 Impact Report – how we’ve adapted to continue supporting disadvantaged pupils

We are delighted to share our 2019-20 Impact Report with you. The last year has been a turbulent and uncertain one, with school closures and further disruptions to learning impacting disadvantaged pupils significantly. As a charity, we are proud of what has been achieved in response to the pandemic and are committed to helping pupils make up for the time lost.

Our impact report includes some of our key delivery statistics from before the pandemic and it details how we adapted and developed over the period of school closures, to be ready and equipped to support with the catch up in the autumn. It also gives core statistics on the impact the pandemic has had on pupils’ learning nationally, particularly the disadvantaged pupils we support.

 Action Tutoring 2019-20 Impact Report

We are extremely proud to have delivered 8,983 sessions from September 2019 to March 2020, with the help of 1,098 incredible volunteers. This meant that we were able to reach 2,0108 disadvantaged pupils, in 95 schools, across eight cities.

We would like to thank our wonderful volunteers, funders, partners and supporters for the part you have played in contributing to this success. 

The pandemic has hit disadvantaged young people incredibly hard. This report shows how relevant and necessary Action Tutoring is in helping them get back to where they should be.

Key Findings

We are so pleased to be able to share some positive outcomes from over the past year. Here are some key findings from this year’s impact report: 

How you can help

Spread the word –  Please share our impact report and our social media posts, to encourage anyone you know who’s interested to apply to join us as a volunteer or email us to discuss partnering as a school.

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